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Club Newsletter

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Hello Bass-Jons anglers. The Dogwoods are blooming and bed fishing is here.


Bed fishing can be a controversial topic of conversation for bass fishermen. Is it good for the bass? Is it ethical? Does it hurt the image of bass tournament fishing?

Some like to roll it under sight fishing but bed fishing is more than that. More accurately, "bed fishing" involves visually locating a bass' spawning bed and then catching bass off their nests during the spring spawning season. A broader term, sight fishing also encompasses fishing for bass that can be seen away from spawning beds and even in other periods of the year.

"If someone doesn't like it, that's fine. I don't have a problem with it, if that's the way they feel. But, it is a legal way to catch a bass in tournaments. If it were against the rules, then it would be a whole different thing. But as it stands now, it is legal to bed fish," observes pro Dean Rojas.


Other tournament anglers like Missouri's Randy Blaukat, a many times Bassmasters Classic qualifier, simply finds the practice a negative in almost every respect. "As far as catching bed fish, I'm totally uncomfortable with it. I don't think it's good for the fish or the fishery. There is a brief period of time and a seven or eight degree range in water temperature in the spring, when this takes place. I think the fish need to be respected and honored during that time," states Blaukat.


You do your own research and reach your own conclusions.

A more interesting issue for me is how two anglers in a Jon boat can manage to fish harmoniously all day during the bedding season. Simply stated, it's not much fun being relegated to the back of the boat while your partner is trying to catch a bass off a bed in front of him. Ask Aida and she won’t hesitate to give you a piece of her non-boater during the spawn mind!

Rojas says “It's all in your attitude. If you approach it from a negative perspective, instead of perhaps learning something, it will be a negative experience. While I've been fishing for a 2-pounder, I've had back seaters catch 5-pounders on a Carolina rig out in the middle of the cove. This is what I always tell my non-boaters: Fish out deep, because that's where the prestaging females will be. In some situations, they may only catch two or three a day, but at Toho, my second day amateur caught a limit behind me”. Easier said than done Mr. Rojas . . .

Like most situations we encounter in life, I say it’s all about communication. Boaters and non-boaters talk to each other. Figure out what works better for you so that at the end of the day both of you are satisfied with your day on the water.


This month we will review the rules for the Family Plan. The purpose of the family plan is to increase family and minor children participation.


- The family plan includes:

- Spouses and girlfriends/boyfriends

- Siblings

- Children and grandchildren

- Members who would like to fish under the family plan with a minor, who is not a family member, will be allowed to as along as the minor's parent signs the required permission forms. Requests must be made to the club president and may be approved on a case-by-case basis.

-. Annual dues for the family plan are $50.00 per family. This will pay for the primary club member and any qualifying person in the member's family. The member can alternate between family members.

- Members in the family plan will be considered one boater and one non-boater on the club roster. The primary family member will be considered the boater.

- Club members who are not going to fish with a family member should post as a normal boater or non-boater in response to intent to fish messages.

- Members scheduled to fish with a family member, but the family member does not fish (meaning the primary member fishes alone) are still required to pay the absent family member's entry fee ($5.00).

- If a member declares "family plan" for a tournament, and the family member does not attend the tournament (meaning the primary member fishes alone) for two (2) consecutive tournaments or four (4) tournaments during the season, family plan status will be revoked and the primary member will be required to be in the normal boater/non-boater pairings.

- Family Plan members will receive two votes for the family when voting for officers or other club issues.


Finally, Jim Carlson will be providing the “Tip of the Tournament” at our next tournament at Lake Western Branch. Let me know if you are interested in sharing your own tips for future tournaments.

See you at the ramp,



Excerpts for the newsletter were obtained from Bed Fishing, Right or Wrong, by Michael Jones Bassmasters Magazine, March 2008



2005 final logo test 2


Hello Bass-Jons anglers. March has been an interesting month.

Our first tournament of the year was a “first” in more than one way. Fourteen boats braved the ice and cold temperatures in our March 7 tournament and as you all know, no fish were brought to the scale. This was a first for BassJons. Our 21 March tournament was shaping to be a good one. There was no ice on the lakes and water temperatures were in the 50s. Fishing reports indicated that the bite was much improved. Seventeen boats signed up. The results were much better this time around. Casey Griggs showed all the quality of fish available in Lake Cohoon and his angling skills by catching a limit weighting almost 22 pounds. He also caught the lunker of the day, an 8.8 pounds whale. Many think his fish will be hard to beat for lunker of the year.

We are all very glad to see a lot of new faces at our first two tournaments. Noteworthy is the number of young anglers. It is great that we can be a part of developing the sportsmanship, conservationist and competitive skills of these new anglers.

I don’t know about you but I’m terrible with names. If you haven’t done it yet, please send Bob your favorite picture so he can post it to the Officer/Members section of the website.

Our membership drive continues, especially for boaters. We have a few non-boaters in the waiting list. Let’s continue to drum up club membership to see if we can get those in the waiting list fishing.

In each newsletter we will review a tournament rule or club by-law. For this month we will go over the scoring system. The club will use the following point system for awarding Angler, Co-Angler and Junior Angler of the Year points for each tournament. Points are awarded at each tournament as follows:

-        1st Place = 15

-        2nd Place = 14

-        3rd Place = 13

-        4th Place = 12

-        5th Place = 11

-        6th Place = 10

-        7th Place = 9

-        8th Place = 8

-        9th Place = 7

-        10th Place = 6

-        Those with fish, 11th place and below = 4 points

-        Those with no fish = 2 points

Total weight ties will be broken by comparing the weight of the largest fish for each tied team.

Finally, Dave Evans will be providing the “Tip of the Tournament” at our next tournament at Lake Burnt Mills. Let me know if you are interested in sharing your own tip for future tournaments.

See you at the ramp,




2005 final logo test 2 


Hello Bass-Jons anglers,


It’s almost that time of the year again. By this time next month we will have the first tournament of 2015 under our belts. Can’t wait! 

I would like to use the February newsletter to go over an item that we all experience every now and then and can be frustrating: Courtesy (or lack off) on the boat ramp. For those waiting to launch and go fishing nothing is more infuriating as watching a fellow angler pull onto the ramp and then begin the task of preparing the boat for the day's outing. With a little planning ahead we can make launching and retrieving our boats a smooth and quick event. 

All the lakes and rivers we fish have plenty of room to get your boat ready before getting on the ramp. The ramp is not the place to start organizing tackle and tying on lures. Prepare your boat for launching away from the ramp. When you pull onto the ramp, the boat should be ready for launching. Develop and follow a regular procedure of making the boat ready for a quick launch that works for you. Steps to follow before getting into the launch line include: 

-        Remove all tie-downs except the winch hook attached to the bow.

-        Remove any supports for the lower unit.

-        Load all gear, from fishing tackle to coolers and life jackets.

-        Make sure the drain plug is firmly in place.

-        Attach a stout line to the bow.

-        Discuss with your non-boater what's expected from him while launching. If you feel comfortable with your partner, use two people to launch the boat, one to drive the towing vehicle and one to operate the boat. If not, have him help you with directions to back the trailer down the ramp, unhook the winch hook and hold the bow line while you back the boat on the water.  

Once your boat is ready, it’s time get in line to launch. If you like to wait until everyone else has launched or if you like to socialize before launching, that is OK. Just keep your vehicle and boat away from the ramp and launching area until you are ready to launch.  

Be sure to shut your headlights off after you've gotten your trailer in position to launch your boat. Otherwise, your lights will blind others trying to back their trailer down an adjacent lane.

Ask for launch help when it's needed. Volunteer a helping hand for those launching alone.

Once the boat floats clear, move it away from the ramp as quickly as possible to allow the next boat to put in without delays.  

Retrieving your boat at the end of the tournament is simply a reverse of the launching procedures. Move away from the ramp and get your catch ready for the weight in. I’m looking forward to hearing all those fish tales...

See you at the ramp! 




Team Burton Picture (Blast from past)

January 2015

Welcome to the new season. Bass-Jons are in the middle of membership drive, looking for boaters so we can increase our non-boater members. The first tourney is just around the corner March 7th on Lake Prince. Looking for a large turnout for this event as in the past we’ve seen Lunker of year come this time of year. That being said it’s time to get your gear ready, grease / lube the reels and restring. Check your tackle supplies and upcoming needs for the year. Next for the boaters ensure you’re your maintenance on the boater / trailer, check the batteries and electronics. Also check to see you have all your safety equipment onboard as well. For everyone the first couple of tournaments can be cold so bring warm clothes, hot drinks to keep warm. Have rain gear ready as well just in case, as it wouldn’t the first time that we’ve fished while it’s snowing.

Remember that if you haven’t paid your dues that it’s required before you can fish your 1st tournament. If you’re paying by check please make it out to Robert Bullen. Also if you’re a new member part of our membership are you getting a free club hat or beanie? So far the drive has been very successful and I see some old faces returning which is great to see old friends again. If you haven’t been on the water lately to enjoy the weather and try your luck, you’re missing out. You will notice that the web site is now being updated as we’ve changed over web masters from Dan Griffin to Bob Bullen. Dan did an excellent job of setting our new site, however since then he’s started a business, has had two boys and his time is so stretched that updating became slow. Now we should more timely updates on the site. The one area which takes some time update will be the members and contact information page, should be done by the end of February. That being said look more newsletters. and updates. Check out Area and club schedules for upcoming tournaments. I look forward to a great season and fishing.

Bob Bullen


  Club Newsletter May 2012

Four tournaments are in the books for 2012.  Twelve tournaments remain for the rest of us to make our move on the current leaders. AOY leader Rick B followed closely by Chaz, Dennis, Vic, Luther and the rest.  C-AOY leader Aida L. and close behind her are Rick W., and Adam. On top for the juniors is a dead heat between Tyler Cornett and Tony Huggins.  We also have a new leader(s) for lunker of the year.  Newcomer Curtis Harms and veteran Jim Carlson are at the top with a 6-pounder each.  Great job to our current leaders. 


Congratulations are also in order for Joe and his sons.  They have been selected as May’s Angler of the Month. Good job guys! 

As we move into May, we’ll be at Lake Prince and the Nottaway River. Lake Prince should see all of the phases of the spawn and we’re hoping to be able to get in some good sight fishing.  Don’t rule out the post-spawners.  They’re hungry after finishing the spawn and a crankbait may be the one of the best lures for this time of year. 

Good luck to Rick Cornett fishing the FLW at Smith Mountain Lake this month, as well as the rest of the members who get out on some of the “bigger” tournament trails. 

If you are following the other local Tournaments you’ll see several reports of limits near or over the 20 pound mark.  If you’re looking for more tournament fun, make sure you check them out and join in. 

Don’t forget, Bass-Jons is the sponsor for the line recycling station at Lake Smith, and as always, if you have recommendations for the club newsletter let me know ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). Thanks for checking out this month’s newsletter; we’ll see you again next month. 


Mike Peregrine

Vice President


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