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Jon-Boat Mods


This page is a listing of pictures and ideas for modification of Jon-Boats. If you have pictures or article of your Jon-Boat modification please send them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .





A great Jon-Boat site in Georgia. They have some awesome pictures of Jon-Boat modifications. If you get a chance visit our Bass'n Jon-Boat Brothers down south.




Bob Guest's Custom 14" Lowe. Just a click on the boat will take you there:



James Cain's Jon-Boat Mod

This is what going to your web site help me build.  I now have A 30lb thrust trolling motor on her and led lights fore and aft for night fishing.



  • My modified 2006 grizzly 1648. The boat was bare bones when I took delivery. I modified it for all day/night fishing in the salt marsh rivers and creeks near Savannah, GA for speckled trout, redfish and flounder. The boat is electrified with a fish finder, nav lights, utility receptacle, And deck courtesy lights. The deck is non skid, sealed and self bailing. Two hard mounted 48qt igloo coolers with seat cushions. The forward cooler is equipped with a keep-alive aerator pump for keeping the bait lively and the aft cooler is for fish/ice/groceries. I installed a bimini top for rain or those hot summer days. Have pedestal seats fore and aft with 15" extensions. In the water it's as stable as a dock and very functional when fishing.Cleanup is quick and easy. Next comes the trolling motor. Enjoy
  • Mark Mills, Savannah GA.

Bobby Armentrout - Jon Boat Mods

  • Since I used as inspiration one of the boats linked on your site, I have taken some photos of my Lowe 1448 mod-V Jon. I primed it with self-etching primer, and painted it with automotive paint. To make the decks, I added aluminum frame trusses (to support the deck). The deck is 5/8" plywood, with 3 coats of polyurethane, covered with standard issue bass-boat carpet. The motor is a 15 Evinrude, but I am getting a rebuilt 25 soon. I prefer the hand control T/M and fabbed a bracket with thick plastic blocks for the T/M to clamp onto. I put in an onboard charger and a livewell pump, but have not added a timer or recirc/pump out system yet, but they are coming, along with another seat mount and sonar for the rear, a S/S 12V power outlet, and some removable rod holders for crappie fishing. I will be adding another 3gal tank and cleats for the rear also. Obviously, I have not finished yet, and will be working on the boat when I am not fishing and at work. I've used this boat more than a dozen times since the end of January, when I got to a point where the boat could be used. It is very comfortable and pleasant to fish from. Once I manage to get it ready, I plan to join a club and fish some tournaments. Hope you enjoy the pics, maybe somebody will be inspired by my photos and make their own "bass-Jon" I enjoy your site very much, and appreciate the work put into it.

Sam North & Russ Hall - Jon Boat Mods

Phil Powell's Running Jon-Boat Project.

  • This is Phil Powell's project boat. We?ll be tracking Phil?s progress throughout his conversion. Look for updates to his project.
  • I started with a 14' 1994 Landau that was looking a little tired. After drilling the rivets and removing the seats, I chemical stripped the entire boat and began the custom aluminum work. There will not be one bit of wood on the vessel! Here are some pictures I took yesterday prior to us getting started. The progress continues bit by bit!
  • Note there is no more paint on any surface! Note Holes in the seat for LED lighting, a 12 volt outlet and the switch panel. I will install a new front deck and storage area. I plan on installing the fuel tank here as well as storage for life jackets, ect. Note wiring harness and recirculation pump on the live well. Last night I was working on the slide out electrical panel. I am using buss bars and aircraft style circuit breakers. As you can see, a long way to go!

Part II - 5 April 04


*** The following pictures are modifications done to a 14' V Hull by Lu.

*** The following pictures are modifications done to Corey Grimstead's Jon-Boat.

*** The boat by CajunBass
This is my new boat. It's a 2003, Carolina Skiff, J-1650 model, with a 2000 Mercury, 20 hp manual start, tiller control outboard, and it rides on a 2003 Venture VB 1100 galvanized trailer
Added to it.
Beyond the basic boat package, I've added the optional front deck; two bench seats, two swiveling fishing seats, and a Motor Guide Energy foot control electric motor. The power for the trolling motor comes from a Nautilus deep cycle battery carried through 6-gage wire to the front of the boat. There is an Eagle depth finder, whose transducer is located on the stern of the boat. It is positioned so it can be seen from either seat. Under the seats, I have put 4 Sterlite storage boxes. These fit perfectly, giving me dry storage in what otherwise would be an open boat. In them are kept things such as anchors and lines, fishing tackle, raingear, my GPS, etc. One is empty, and is used to keep thermoses, and lunch items that don't need to be kept on ice.
My Interests
I'm very pleased with this little boat, even though it's a far cry from the full bore tournament bass boats I've had in the past. It's roomy, safe, very "fishable", fast for what it is, and the power it has, (23.7 MPH on GPS, fully loaded with two "non petite" people aboard) and very inexpensive to operate, insure and tow.

*** The following pictures are modifications done to Keith Lynch's Jon-Boat. Modifications done by Keith Lynch and Sherman Grimstead.

  • As everyone can see, more work has been accomplished on the Jon Boat restoration project, but still a long way to go. The front storage compartment is finished, the seats are riveted back in and the work has begun on the diamond plate floors. I am certain that we can use enough sheet aluminum and rivets that she will sink! The electrical panel is started. All circuit breakers to protect the USCG wiring. I used a "c" channel and some short pieces of angel to form a slide for the panel itself. The base material is honeycomb aluminum with a phenolic top plate. It should work nice once all the wires are cut to length and properly affixed with ring terminals and shrink tubing. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can finish the floors, work on the side panels and then begin the primer and paint. Then it is just finishing the electrics, installing the pumps (3), and making sure everything works. More pictures later! Phil

Part III 1 Jul 04

  • Well, here we are, almost at the finish line! 4 coats of Alumnagrip and the instillation of all the components began! I am still working on a few items (but hey, aren't we all!). The boat has been fun so far. I have been fishing, just sightseeing and even went Scuba diving off her today! I will send a detailed photo set of all the fine points once she is finished. I hope everyone likes this project as much as I have! Phil